The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

There are few of us who will, through some specific action, have the power to change the world in a dramatic way.  Considering the manner in which many of us approach life, that is probably a good thing.

But each of us does change the world every day – either by what we do or fail to do when we interact with other people.  I have written about this in several posts.

We can change the world through exercising courtesy, thoughtfulness and respect for those we meet along the way, lightening their day and their load.  Or we can change the world by interacting with our fellow human beings with rudeness, selfishness and disregard for their needs and add to their burden and to the storm clouds overhead.

Courtesy costs so little yet brings so much both to the donor and the recipient.  Selfishness costs so much, robbing us and those on whom we inflict it of a personal sense of self-worth.  Courtesy is its own reward and selfishness its own punishment.

A simple warm glance;  a touch extended in consolation or encouragement; a kind word.  These are little things.  But they truly do mean a lot.

Comments on: "LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT" (12)

  1. A very lovely post, Thank you.

  2. You are so right! Oftentimes, I smile at the homeless guys I see on my way to work. I swear, every last one of them say to me “Thank you for that smile.”

  3. Too bad I can’t “like” this twice!

  4. Right on! Loved the music too. I haven’t heard that song for a long long time.

  5. Jim Zee said:

    As a long time fan of country music and scribe of same, it’s very very cool that you picked this classic to use as a basis for an excellent piece.

    Good reading.
    Great philosophy.

    • This is a classic which I’ve always loved – and the songstress, Kitty Kallen is still with us at age 89. I’m glad that you enjoyed the song and the post.

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