The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


As the alleged cover-up of sexually inappropriate behavior on the part  of Penn State’s football coaching staff deepens and widens, one can only ask how could something like this happen at one of America’s premier public universities.

The answer comes to us from this song from the film version of the musical, “Cabaret” released in 1972.


Comments on: "THE PENN STATE SCANDAL" (16)

  1. Saddest story of the year, how apparently good men could sell out and forget the mission for money, regardless of the consequenses.

    • It is tragic – not only in terms of the harm inflicted on the children involved but in the abdication of the only responsibility that a university has which is to educate.

      Robert Maynard Hutchins was perhaps the most intuitive of all educators when he eliminated the University of Chicago’s varsity football team.

      • He may have been, and I’m a huge college (and Big 10) fan.

        I don’t know the answer, I also don’t think anybody else does either. Except pure and simple morality, which is lacking these days.

        On a lighter note, you just made an ironic link to a post of yours earlier today. Remember enough history to catch it?

  2. Call me brain dead – why not? (Others have). So I’m crying uncle.

  3. This thing sickens me. It’s such a despicable testament of the value system surrounding certain institutions (i.e. sports-centric academia). I see it in action every day at university as subtext behind the moral veneer. 😐

    • I was educated in Medieval History and was fascinated by the rise of universities and the role they played in stimulating intellectual achievement. We have certainly lowered our standards from the days when few had the privilige of getting a higher education. And to subsume our moral standards for the sake of mere money is a true disgrace.

  4. Too true. Too sad. [On a different note, can you contact me by e-mail to discuss a story idea? Do you still have my e-mail? Thanks!]

  5. Jim Zee said:

    The only thing required for evil to triumph over good is for good men to do nothing.
    A lot of good men did nothing at Penn State.

    • Frankly, when this all shakes out I wonder how many will be found who chose to ignore the situation for the mere sake of bringing money into the school. They are in my mind as responsible for this situation as the people who were the actual perpetrators.

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