The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

It has to be tough being a celebrity at any age – but at a mere 18 years it is probably more than most teens can handle.

A day ago, Justin Bieber got pulled over twice while driving.  The first time he got a ticket and the second time a lecture.  One Los Angeles City Councilman wants him arrested for reckless endangerment.

The young Mr. Bieber claims self-defense in that he says he was being pursued by the paparazzi.  There is probably an element of truth in that statement.

Whatever the motivation for his speeding, driving at speeds that greatly exceed the speed limit is dangerous business and so I would like to offer Mr. Bieber two words of advice:




  1. I’ll second that. But I also remember how indestrucable I was at 18, so I doubt this old fogey will have much effect, you, on the other hand!

  2. I would like to offer another word of advice Chauffeur. While not practical for most of us, maybe it would be the best solution for him.

  3. Jim Zee said:

    heheh Doctor Hook has that covered in the classic tune “Cover of the Rolling Stone” ..

    “….got my gray haired Daddy, drivin’ my limosine..”

    I think, though, I’d rather see The Beebs performing community service in the inner city wearing an orange jumpsuit.

  4. Amen. Life is short. Life is precious. Just ask James Dean. Or Elvis. Or Jim Croce. Or Whitney Houston. Being a star doesn’t make one immortal, does it?

  5. In fact, just based on the few examples you cited, perhaps it’s jjust the opposite.

  6. I think I was more sensible at that age – but then I was never a celbrity.

  7. I like your two words of advice, but I’m willing to bet that the Beebs has never heard of James Dean.

  8. Lets hope he gets your message.

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