The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

Today is Flag Day in the United States. I seldom reblog posts – but this one by Sylver Blaque deserves to be seen by all people who are seeking freedom. The video is riveting.

Sylver Blaque

internet_censorship_in_chinaLast week, on the 23rd anniversary of China’s 1989 June 4th Incident, the country’s ruling Communist Party enacted hardline internet censorship against all references to the 1989 anti-government demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.

The 1989 Tiananmen Square protest ended in military suppression resulting in the deaths of hundreds to thousands of protesters. An exact number of the victims has never been released by the Chinese government.

As reported by Reuters, June 4, 2012 saw Chinese internet crackdowns on specific search terms such as “six-four” (for June 4th) and “23” (for 23rd anniversary), as well as more obscure terms such as “never forget.”

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  1. Thank you for the reblog. 🙂

    • This is too important not to share with others. Thank you for the original post. I had not seen it before and found myself glued to it wondering how it would end. Alfred Hitchchock couldn’t have done a better job of building tension and suspense.

      • That’s exactly how I felt about it. That man should never be forgotten…

      • And you know, I can’t help wondering who of us would be as courageous today? I don’t think I could…after watching this video, I put myself in Tank Man’s place, but courage is not what I felt. Even just the imagining of it terrified me. How is it that celebrities are always movie, music, tv, or other such ‘stars?’ Why is it that we don’t revere Tank Men the way we worship people who do so, so, so, so much less for the world??

      • I’m with you. The man had incredible courage and should be a lesson to all of us.

        As to your comment about why we elevate people whose accomplishments are, in the ultimate scheme of things, negligible – I refer you back to Eleanor Rossevelt’s quote in “I Have An Idea.”

  2. Unfortunately our freedoms in the West are being slowly eroded.

  3. That was some of the most riveting film I’ve ever seen. The “Tank Man” (it’s so sad that we have to honor him this way should be a hero for us all. A fit companion for the “Goddess of Liberty” they constucted also (according to my memory).

    Martyrs of Freedom.

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