The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

If you remember President Clinton’s Impeachment Trial, at one point the former President hesitated answering a question put to him by a senator.  After thinking about his response he finally said, “Well, it depends on how you define the word ‘is’.”

This is a man who understands that when a person is in the public limelight, it is best to be careful what you say.  The most innocent remark can and often will be taken out of context and manipulated to support the listener’s agenda.

On Wednesday I offered a thought about the reason for the apparent break from President Obama’s stated views on extending the Bush tax cuts past the first of the year.  The following excerpt from Yahoo News comes from an interview that the former President had with Wolf Blitzer the day following my post:

“Former President Bill Clinton apologized on Thursday for making comments this week that appeared to be at odds with President Barack Obama’s position on extending the Bush tax cuts…”

“Clinton, who campaigned for his wife, Hillary, when she was competing against Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary battle, defended himself when Blitzer brought up the fact that Clinton’s critics are charging that he’s undermining Obama’s re-election effort with his comments.”

If you missed my earlier post, I suggested two possible outcomes for the election in November and reprint them below:

“In a tight election anything can happen and most likely will.”

“Here are two possible outcomes.”

“1) Obama wins re-election. We continue down the same path which we have seen for three and one half years or speed down it at an even faster pace. The country and economy continue to flounder. We are now at the election of 2016 and the country has woken up to the fact that Obama’s (the Democratic Party’s) way of doing things has been a dismal failure. No matter how appealing the Democratic candidate might be in 2016, his or her election is impossible.”

“2) Romney defeats Obama in November. He provides competent though uninspiring leadership. Things get better – but President Romney never captures the hearts of the American electorate. He is vulnerable in his re-election bid. Enter Hillary Clinton as the nominee of Democrats in that election, a woman with certain credentials to her name – most recently as Secretary of State – a position in which she has earned both a title and a certain amount of obscurity.”

President Clinton’s retraction of his apparent variance with the Obama administration carries about the same weight as an apology to the widow of a man who was accidentally shot dead by one of his neighbors.  The deed is done and no amount of apologies are going to change the facts.

Personally, I think that former President Clinton and the missus are hoping for scenario two.


  1. Words do have to be carefully chosen, and particularly when you deal in multicultural situations where English is only one of the languages in the home. Words clear in one English speaking country may have an entirely different connotation in another English speaking nation too. One Australian girl I know who worked for an American boss and was looking for a missing file asked him if she could look in his drawers in his office. I think you will understand why the American collapsed with laughter and the poor girl to whom drawers meant file cabinets was completely mysterfied at his mirth and very embarrassed when the cause of mirth was explained to her. LOL.

    • That’s a great story, Ian.

      And on choosing ones words carefully …
      It was the 1982 recession. I received a call from a Wall Street Journal reporter who wanted my take on the employment market as I owned an Executive Search Firm. We had two separate two hour long conversations. She knew this was going to make a great story. One day one of the TV Anchor’s from a network station called and said, “I read your interview in the WSJ and we would like to come by and speak wiith you about it.” I read the Journal thoroughly and hadn’t seen the article. So I scoured the paper and found that my four hour interview had been redacted down to two sentences – and those were sandwiched in between interviews with a volunteer in the Salvation Army and a Fortune Teller. (By the way, the TV interview which was broadcast was just as brief).

  2. I think you’re right. 😐

    • Setting race aside – as well we should – I think that even the most partisan members of the President’s party realize we have chosen a lesser person for a greater job. Now it’s up to the American voting public to come to that same realization.

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