The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

‘Twas six months before Christmas
And all through the land,
Retailers had sent forth
Their own marching band.

To drum up some business
And stir by their call
Each consumer to duty,
”Come down to the mall.”

We’ve got oodles of goodies
On sale – there’s no trick,
For surely you must have
The latest knack knick.

It was made in a land
Far away quite exotic,
But sadly about it
There’s nothing erotic.

But well made we can say
In a positive light.
It surely will last
Through at least Christmas night.

If not that then buy this
We’ve got more than enough,
Of goods with no value
For stockings to stuff.

Forget that old message,
Peace, love and joy.
The message of Christmas
That’s merely a ploy.
The true story’s about
Finding just the right toy.

“I’ve no money, alas.”
”Not a problem,” they say.
We’ve figured a way
For this junk you may pay.

Just say, “Charge it.”
We will, .
Have no fear, take no fright.
As the interest mounts day by day
And night by night.

So came Kia and Honda,
Chrysler, Nissan and Ford.
Their mission was clear
They were all of accord.

Beemers, Benzes were there
Some quite old and some new.
Intent on their purpose
They knew what to do.

To ransack and pillage
And leave the store bare.
To spend and spend more,
That was their sole care.

No great thought had gone into
Their buys made that day.
Nor how much at last,
The cost they would pay.

For bragging rights truly
So many did moon.
To be able to say,
”I did Christmas in June.”

So they dashed away,
Dashed away,
Dashed away all.
And over the land
Came a dark eerie pall.

For the message of Christmas
Of peace and of joy
Is not just a gizmo
Or latest fad toy.

If we ask ourselves why
War and hatred exist,
Perhaps we should go back,
Examine our list.

No more socks, games or trinkets,
Just some kindness and soul.
Would go a long way
To make the world whole.


  1. Did you write that? It’s brilliant!!

    • I did, this morning. I was sitting out back with Gracie enjoying the early part of the day and it just flowed in about an hour. Glad you liked it, Jennifer.

      • So creative. I loved it. Read it to the hubby when he got in. Sounds like it came straight out of a book!

      • If I ever write a book, you’ll get the first autographed copy! But as I think about it, with almost 300 posts up during the last six months or so, maybe I have enough material.

  2. Loved it! So true in our materialistic world of today.

  3. The commercialization of everything we hold dear.

    • About twenty years ago I realized that I had gotten caught up in the merchandising madness of buying “stuff” and realized how shallow that was. Since then my friends and neighbors get jams, preserves or pastries I’ve made for them. I know that I’m happier with that – and I think they are as well.

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