The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Facebook has now emerged into the wonderful world of Wall Street as a new IPO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is all the wealthier for that – to the tune of nearly $20 Billion.  Good for him.  I love success stories and hope one day to be the subject of one myself.

Facebook made its debut last Friday and co-incidentally that same day I received an email from an old acquaintance.  I say acquaintance because I didn’t know this chap very well to start with and still don’t.  However, he apparently feels a much greater degree of closeness to me because he invited me to become his “Friend” on Facebook.  The other portion of his email  explained that he had reached a milestone.  He now had 10,000 Facebook Friends.

Frankly, I was staggered by this revelation.  Two things immediately came to my mind.

The first, I obviously need to change my email address more regularly.  The second, it set me to wondering, despite all the time I have been plodding around planet earth, have I even met ten thousand people.  (By met I am reducing this to the lowest common denominator – which is that I have at least said,  “Hello” to them or them to me).

Well, I’m up to my junior year of high school – and I have to admit that the totals are looking depressingly bleak.  I am keeping tally in two ways – “Met People” and “Friends”.  Both totals are pretty dismal – the second one in particular.  But I’m going to keep plodding along with this exercise.

In the meantime, my acquaintance, although he doesn’t know you, would probably relish adding you as a “Friend” as well.  If you’d like to help this guy out, please send me your email address.  I’ll be only to happy to forward it to him.



  1. One way to see how many we met – at least in biz – check out the number of biz cards. A poor measure but at least bring us to the ball park….

  2. I’m sure we could all add up our contacts over a lifetime and come up with startling figures. But actual friends come and go over that lifetime and very few remain at the end to be close enough to be described as real friends.

  3. Real friends are a pricesless treasure – and truly small in number for any of us.

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