The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


Gracie and I (and now our three golden retriever guests) make a daily early morning expedition to the dog park.  As the park will officially be open at six o’clock next month, we should be arriving pretty close to opening time as the heat builds very rapidly as the sun rises.  Of course, we also do an early evening and usually a late evening tour.  It is interesting that there is a committed coterie of dog people who convene most days – a morning and an evening contingent.  Gracie and I are the only ones who transcend both groups.

Of course, people talk about all sorts of things as our dogs roam around and play with each other – sports, local events, politics.  And perhaps it is mere coincidence but to a person the morning group is  anti-Obama.  They would vote for the anti-Christ before they would vote to return the President for a second term.  Almost all of them are retirees who, during their working careers, held mostly blue collar jobs.

By contrast, the early evening group consists of people who are entirely supportive of the President.  They would vote for him if it were proven that he is the anti-Christ.  They also are mostly retirees but held white collar jobs – including positions in teaching in our public school systems.  Both groups are staunchly committed to their viewpoints.

I decided to print up a number of one of the bumper stickers I created and bring them with me to the dog park to give away to those who want them.  I wonder which group will have more interest.


Comments on: "DOG PARK POLITICS" (9)

  1. Obviously they are mixed up with their theology

  2. LOL – probably applies to most politicians

  3. Gracie & Goldie x 3 photos, please!

    • Will do – the only problem being that if I forget my camera in the morning, it’s too hot for much more than “doing our business” in the afternoon and too dark at night. I’ll just tie a rope around my neck to remind myself.

      • Let Gracie take the photos. She’s already proven, repeatedly, how intelligent she actually is. Human technology is but ABC’s to her by now…

      • The only thing is that she has become the Chairwoman of “The Gang of Four” and now leads the troops in their romp through the park. It really is interesting how different she is when I have our three guests over. Somehow they’ve helped her get out of her shell of insecurity – and now “She is a contenda.”

  4. Stella’s gonna have to change her name to “Gra-cieeeeee!”

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