The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


All of us have a need for some sort of recognition – although the term I prefer is affirmation.  Our lives should mean something.  At least I think so.

As a result of my frail human need for approbation, I’ve decided to embark on a personal project.  That is to make up one quotation per week which I hope will be sufficiently memorable that my readers will want to repeat it (though I am sure they will say – who said that)?

So here’s the quote for Week One:

“Knowledge is the inevitable result of sticking around long enough – and in the process mostly keeping your mouth shut and your ears, eyes and mind open.”

– Juwannadoright

Comments on: "(NOT YET) FAMOUS QUOTES" (12)

  1. I like that one. In teaching college level I found those students who had the most to say ended the semester with the lowest achievement. Perhaps all that talk hides a low feeling of self worth?

  2. I like it, but unless I put it on a yellow sticky, I have no way of remembering it.

  3. Less is more – absolutely 🙂

  4. An elderly priest friend would often remind that there is a reason God gave us only one mouth and two ears…

    Week one is a runaway winner, Juwanna. Kudos. 🙂

  5. My grandmother said the same thing to me as your priest friend – often. Thanks, Alan.

  6. Love it! You know, I believe this is why extraterrestrial beings have such large eyes and no ears. They are far more advanced. I’m sure your quote will find its way to their planets.

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