The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


It’s seldom that I find myself at a loss for words.  But viewing the linked video prompted exactly that reaction.

After watching it three times; the first to see what it was about; the second to see if what I thought I saw the first time was really there; the third to jolt myself out of the shock of seeing the first two plays, I had a few questions and would like to hear your thoughts …

By way of a preamble let me again say that I have always had to be careful of my food intake and have taken that as a personal responsibility.  I can put on a pound walking by a French patisserie.

I have followed a healthful discipline and diet for many years and feel better off and better about myself by making good food choices.  I’m sure that as a result I am healthier than I would be had I just given in to my food cravings.

By way of further disclaimer let me say that my essential libertarian philosophy calls for as little regulation by government as possible to maintain an orderly society – but it also allows for intervention when a person behaves irresponsibly and threatens others in that society through their dangerous behavior.

Question 1.  Suicide or attempted suicide are considered crimes in all fifty states.  Does eating yourself to death constitute suicide?

Question 2. If your answer to the first question is yes, what would you suggest that government do to help the overeater into changing his or her behavior?

Question 3. If a morbidly obese person wants to improve their life, do you feel a moral obligation to help that individual and contribute to the cost of their healthcare?

Question 4. If a morbidly obese person refuses to change their eating habits, do you have a moral obligation to contribute to that person’s cost of healthcare?

Question 5. You are a heart surgeon, the only one on duty.  You have two patients who are critical and require immediate attention.  The first is one of the people who was mentioned in the previous question who needs a triple by-pass.  The second is a new-born who has a congenital heart defect.  On which of these two patients would you operate?

I would sincerely like to hear your responses to these questions.  Feel free to answer any or all of them.

Oh, I have gone by The Heart Attack Grill which is on Las Vegas Blvd. in the downtown area.  If you’re coming to Las Vegas and would like the exact address I’d be happy to provide it to you.  But I’m sure that you’re smarter than that and like me, will just drive on by.

Comments on: "AT A LOSS FOR WORDS" (4)

  1. Wow. I have no words either.
    If folks want to kill themselves, fine. We should NOT have to pay their healthcare bills.
    That owner is all about the $$. The candy cigarettes made me sick.

    • I was amazed that the owner could carry off the interview with a straight face and sincere look. Your mentioning the candy cigarettes is interesting – because according to the NIH the cost of treating overweight and obesity is now greater than the cost of treating smoking-related health issues.

      Thanks for your comment, Jennifer.

  2. Nice one! Eating to death would be a difficult case for the police to pin. Laughs. I think ignorance is responsible for a lot of nutritional suicide! Good work.

    • I’m not sure if it’s ignorance or arrogance – as in the case of Mr. Hart who survived a coma, has been advised by his doctor and his wife not to eat at the restaurant – but goes anyway because he “enjoys the burgers.” It’s the same sort of mind-set that people have who talk on their phones while they’re driving – they’re “too good” for something bad to happen to them – that’s for other people.

      Thank you for taking your time to comment.

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