The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It




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  1. Well, if that isn’t creative….and spot on. 😦

  2. I absolutely disagree! Well, I think I do; not sure if this is an insult to Obama or not. But my view is that this is a man who has & still is trying everything to clean up the sludge left behind by our last dictator. If that ship is the S.S. Bush, then I absolutely agree!

    • Thank you SB for expressing your opinion. Reasonable people can agree to disagree. I value your opinion – because you HAVE an opinion – whether we are in agreement or not. I had the opportunity to vote for a person for Illinois State Senate in 1999. His name was Barack Obama – and I cast my vote for him as I saw in him as a promising young man. I cannot tell you how I regret that vote. He has become (in this humble writer’s opinion) the consumate politician – and I abjure those irrespective of their party affiliation.

      This “budget” is a hoax and will not be approved. It is a poorly-disguised effort to cajole support from those who are the President’s base and to appeal to the independents who will ultimately decide the fate of this November’s election – and perhaps the fate of this country.

      At a time where this country needs to pull together, the President is preaching divisivness. At a time where we need seriously to address our significant financial challenges, the President (like Congress) is avoiding the issues until “after the election.”

      Isn’t it the time that thoughtful people (and I certainly include you in that unfortunately small group) started cutting through the layers of BS and demanded more from those we elect to serve us? That includes President Obama and the members of Congress.

      The budget that President Obama has crafted has about as much substance to it as the WIN buttons (Whip Inflation Now) that were passed out during Gerald Ford’s administration. How wearing a button was going to help defeat inflation was never clear to me. How passing this budget will help us and all those who are victims of the recession is equally unclear.

      It’s time to get rid of the politicians and find people who are prepared to make serious effort to getting us back on track.

      Well – that’s my opinion. Thank you for sharing yours.

  3. Well, we must definitely agree to disagree on this one. For now. That said, I would be remiss not to mention the fact that one of the many reasons I am a follower of your blog is that I consistently learn something here. Your wisdom on a myriad of topics is something I value now. I was raised in a home in which we were taught to value the wisdom of those who have lived longer, experienced much, and who have the foresight to see things that those younger & less experienced may not be able to discern yet. So, though I am strong in my opinion of this issue, I also always have an ear to the wall of any wisdom I come across which may inform my opinion. I am going to think long & hard about the points you’ve made here…

  4. What a compliment! I cannot tell you how I appreciate your comment. I have a viewpoint – which I realize is not universally accepted. But to have even one person say that I might have said something about which she is going to “think” is to me an incredible accomplishment.

    You truly made my day, SB. Thank you!

    (Gracie said “thanks, too).

  5. I seem to recall a promise made eons ago about substantially cutting the national deficit…but nah. American presidents don’t lie and try to spin their epic failures into successes. I mean, that would just show a complete lack of leadership and integrity. Must have been another president.

  6. Personally, I think that it’s all George Washington’s fault. (The 36% of American high school seniors who know that he was the first President of The United States of America will appreciate this).

    If he hadn’t stuck it out at Valley Forge – we would still be an English colony – and the rest would be a somewhat different history.

    • Beaufortninja’s comment made me laugh. I think all politicians are the same. I know we aren’t suppose to sterotype, but I haven’t seen one yet that really made me change my mind. I lump them all together. I lived in D.C. for a while and that didn’t help. I felt I had a peek behind the curtain—remember like in The Wizard of Oz? I was so disappointed at what I discovered.
      36%. Dear God. That’s not even half. That’s it. When I have a baby, I’m homeschooling!

  7. Good plan on the homeschooling. I simply can’t understand what they supposedly teach now. I know kids who can only do basic math with a calculator and have a vocabulary that I exceeded when I was in fifth grade. And they’re getting ready to go into high school. Not meaning to sound conspiracist but if you have a population who is ignorant and uneducated they’re far easier to manipulate. (It’s just a theory).

    As to the politicians of whatever flavor (sigh) I think you’re unfortunately correct.

    • We have a discussion going. And that’s the first step. Starting at the grassroots is a pretty good idea. I agree with the manipulation concept. What bothers me the most is the fact that the educated don’t seem to be doing much to change things. Oh, that’s right. Because they’re getting paid. And often times the manipulation as well.

  8. In ancient Rome the patricians kept doling out more and more entertainment to keep the minds of the plebians off the fact that the once great Roman Empire was in decline. This worked for some time – until the barbarians were at the gate and it was too late to save the empire.

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