The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


I admit that there are certain things I simply don’t understand about us humans. I don’t understand how anyone can molest a child; I don’t understand how anyone can take pleasure out of abusing an animal; I don’t understand how people can take advantage of the infirm or the elderly. I sincerely hope that I am never able to understand any of these actions.

Although I support business, I do so with the expectation that companies not only earn a profit for those who have invested in them but do so with a conscience. Not every company does that.

When I read the article this morning on Yahoo about an insurance company that regularly denies claims in order to frustrate its elderly clients I was outraged – and I hope that you are too. What is most disturbing, if you read through the article is that this particular insurance company was established by the State of Pennsylvania. I cannot help but wonder what we have in store with our movement toward granting government more control over the healthcare of all Americans.

Paste this into your browser to read the story:

What do you think?

Comments on: "ON ABUSING THE ELDERLY" (4)

  1. What I think is that blogs that have a political point of view can be interpreted by those with an opposing point of view as provocative and wrong. We have left our healthcare system to private enterprise and children have remained sick and untreated. Adults are turned away due to lack of insurance and end up at inferior hospitals who put them on the back burner. While you may not like government getting involved, it seems the only way to build a system where poorer citizens are valued and treated. If you look at what other countries have managed it becomes a shame on us. Cuba, Canada, Sweden, and host of other counties have lower infant mortality, and a healthier population. Why are Americans so freaked out by anything that is out of the ill functioning capitalistic mainstream. Certainly Obama’s plan can be tweaked but to throw up a banner with the Russian hammer and sickle is divisive and misleading.

    • Dear Mike,

      As one of the longest followers of this blog I appreciate your loyalty. I do have a point of view – as do you – and I hope that both of us can appreciate each other’s point of view – even if we agree to disagree.

      I concur with many of the statements you made in your commentary. There is no question that poorer people get inferior medical treatment. Cook County Hospital in Chicago, which treated the poor and those without medical coverage had one of the worst rates of recovery for its patients. It was a government run facility.

      Do I have a political perspective. Yes, indeed. (I view not having so as a failure of my responsibility as a citizen and a voting member of our country). I have to tell you that I voted for Barrack Obama in 1999 for the Illinois Senate – the election which launched his political career.

      I sincerely regret that vote.

      Since then I have beaten myself up – that this person with great promise (or so I thought) has behaved in ways that I never had expected or hoped for. My expression of that in the “hammer and sycle” are my view of what the President has become.

      If that offends you – I apologize. But that is my view of the direction that this President is leading this country. We have all seen that many countries who have adopted this way of regulating their citizens have almost uniformly rejected their former philosopical view. The two exceptions which come to mind are Cuba and North Korea.

      My hope is that reasonable people can agree to disagree – and still be friends. That is the essence of how civilized people conduct themselves. Or so I believe.

  2. And you would be correct about reasonable people agreeing to disagree. Thanks for listening.

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