The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

It was a crisp fall evening and I was walking my Irish Setter, Finney in the park across the street from my apartment. I hoped that he would do his thing quickly as I was a little under-dressed for the weather. I thought that he would as I had come home from work a little later than usual and I was sure that he would like to have his dinner which had been delayed.

As we walked on our usual route I noticed a lot of movement in the park’s trees. I didn’t know what caused this until I got closer.

The trees had lost most of their leaves in the autumn weather but they were full nevertheless. They were filled with Monarch butterflies which had come to rest on their long migration from Canada to South America. I had never seen anything like this before and I stood there for several moments in admiration of this amazing miracle.

The trees literally shimmered in movement as these graceful creatures fluttered their wings covering every available inch of each branch. There must have been thousands of them. Orange and black butterflies, resting up for the night so that they could continue their thousand mile journey in the morning.

Although Finney was blind he sensed that they were there. He too looked toward the trees and then sat down – as though in appreciation of this fragile gift of the wonderful earth that we all shared.

When I took Finney out for his morning walk the Monarchs had left on their continuing journey. But I will never forget that night when I saw the thousands of them in all their glory.

Their presence that evening helped me gain an appreciation for what a wonderful and beautiful world we humans are privileged to share with all creation. And what a miracle life is.

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