The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


After more than enough years of formal education and a lot more pursued through my own independent study, I like to think that I have at least an average ability to communicate. So when I hear a phrase that doesn’t make sense to me I will ask the speaker to explain what she means.

When I have asked for this clarification with respect to one phrase in particular – I am usually greeted with a surprised look – as though the meaning of the statement is self-evident in the statement itself. That phrase is, “It’s all good.” So please, help me out here.

If, “It’s all good,” – why is the unemployment rate in the United States the worst since the Great Depression?

If, “It’s all good,” – why did six million die in the death camps in WW II?

If, “It’s all good,” – why do we continue to pollute the environment which allows us to sustain our lives?

If, “It’s all good,” – why have we lost most of our manufacturing jobs to nations overseas?

If, “It’s all good,” – why do we perform more than a million abortions a year?

If, “It’s all good,” – why do we pay Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes seven and eight figure incomes and pay the teachers who are educating our future – our children – a mere susbsistance wage?

If, “It’s all good,” – why do we tolerate the President and his family taking multi-million dollar vacations when there are homeless people on the streets of our nations capital?

If, “It’s all good,” – why did we go through a financial crisis which nearly brought down our nation?

If, “It’s all good,” – why are so many of our minority citizens uneducated, unemployed and forced to live at a poverty level on welfare?

If, “It’s all good,” – why are the values of our largest investment – our homes – continuing to decline?

If, “It’s all good,” – why do we re-elect people to Congress to make new laws for us when the ones they have enacted in the past are so dreadful?

If, “It’s all good,” – why do we spend thousands of dollars to have a seat at the Super Bowl and refuse to give the homeless person we meet a dollar so she can get something to eat?

If, “It’s all good,” – why do we sit apathetically by as the Constitution of this great land is ignored and eroded by those who are sworn to uphold it?

If, “It’s all good,” – what must “bad” look like?

Comments on: "ON CONFUSION" (4)

  1. optimism is the best way to go!

    • I agree with you that optimism is the way to go. But If we truly want “It to be all good,” we need to take actions to get there that are based on common sense and realism.

  2. nearlynormalized said:

    Why think? It’s all good when heads are buried in the sand.

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