The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


 I am just a babe in the woods at this whole blogging thing – having been at it for about six weeks now. I am the first to confess that I have struggled with all the gizmos and widgets and other features that WordPress has to offer. But I am slowly trying to acclimate to it all. (Slowly – ever so slowly). 

I did know that Google indexes these posts – as well as a jillion others items on the internet and I was interested to see whether I had yet made it to their hall of obscurity.

I had. 

What amazed me was that several posts were indexed within a minute or so of publishing them. I don’t know how they do it but they must have one darn big room filled with smoke and another filled with monstrous mirrors. 

I typed in my name as one word and, lo and behold, the Google system immediately came back with a total number of results. (I won’t tell you how embarrassingly small that number was in order to allow you a little fun on your own at my expense). 

But, being a curious soul, I wanted to put my unimportance in perspective. So I sat down and came up with a number of people and topics to get an idea of how they ranked (as measured by the number of Google results for each). I have listed them in ascending order: 

  1. Dodd-Frank Bill for the Reform of Wall Street and Consumer Protection. 13,700,000 results.

  2. Kardashians. 18,700,000 results.

  3. OBAMACARE. 21,700,000 results.

  4. OWS. 30,100,000 results.

  5. Justin Bieber. 662,000,000 results. 

For purposes of this post, I am going to categorize “results” as “interest”. That may not be totally accurate but, as I said earlier, I am new to this and that is how I interpret it. Please feel free to correct me as I am only too willing to learn. 

Given that context, there is 30.5 times as much “interest” in Justin Bieber than there is in OBAMACARE – the most comprehensive “healthcare reform” bill ever promulgated. 

And there is 48.32 times more “interest” in that young man than there is in Dodd-Frank – a law which most business executives cite as the reason that they are unwilling to hire – helping to keep our national unemployment rate at its present nose-bleed levels.

With Congressional approval ratings sinking to the depths of the bottomless pit and President Obama’s running a close second, it’s a shame that Mr. Bieber doesn’t meet the constitutional age requirements for either of those offices. 

Heck, I’d probably vote for him.




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