The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It


ImageIt has only been a day since Spenser passed on and I am so keenly aware of his absence. So is his companion of almost five years, a wonderful dog named Gracie.

 I know that the grief will only abate through the passage of time – but time works its magic ever so slowly – at least based on previous experiences of this kind.

 Spenser’s companion for many years, Dusty had been gone for about a year and a half. I took his death very hard and although Spenser had company for his entire life, the thought of getting him a new companion was something I just couldn’t contemplate.

 I was looking on Craig’s List one day, hoping to find an appropriate category in which to list an item I no longer needed. As I browsed from category to category, I stumbled upon Gracie’s picture. I fell in love with her face and called the family to whom Gracie had appeared (along with nine siblings) as an “accident”. I went to see her and adopted her – much to both Spenser’s and my delight.

 Gracie was the last of the 10 puppies to be placed – probably because the size of her feet indicated that she was going to grow up to be of monstrous proportions. She was – at last weigh in – 102 pounds of pure love and joy.

 Gracie is part Golden Retriever, part standard French Poodle, part German Shepherd and part unknown. Most people think that she’s an Irish Wolfhound. She and Spenser bonded so closely and were inseparable. She has spent a good portion of the day looking for him throughout the house. 

This morning we went on our usual 6 o’clock walk. It was so strange to have Gracie in my right hand without Spenser on my left side. As we walked around the block, one of my neighbors pulled over in her car and asked, “Where’s Spenser?” I told her the sad news. She got out of her car and came over and gave me a hug and we both started crying.

 As we continued around the block the same thing happened with two other neighbors. I didn’t realize that all these years I was harboring a celebrity under my roof – or that people – even people who were just acquaintances – took so much pleasure in seeing this handsome and loving animal walk throughout our neighborhood. Our usual 15 minute walk took an hour this morning.

 Truly, it was the longest walk.


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  1. Your previous post about Spenser made both my wife and I cry. I won’t show this one to my wife. My thoughts remain with you and give Gracie a kiss for me.

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