The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It

If truth be told – and it’s always a good thing to tell the truth- Juwanna Doright is actually my “nom de plume”. I chose it as summary of what this blog is about after watching the film, “National Treasure” for the umpteenth time. Do you remember Benjamin Franklin’s youthful letters which he composed under the signature, Mistress Silence Dogood? If a nom de plume was good enough for Ben, it certainly is good enough for me.

 So why write a blog?

 Because we as a nation and each of us as individuals are at an historic crossroad. Either we can choose to create a better, more productive and equitable society, or we can go the way of other civilizations which rested on their laurels and ultimately were swept away by the tides of history.

 There simply is no way that anyone living in America and with access to media, whether print or electronic, is unaware that as a nation, we have significant challenges ahead of us. I am not going to re-iterate all the bad news. There are plenty of sources to which you may turn for that. Yes, it’s bad – but restating the obvious is not going to solve any of our problems.

 The purpose of this blog is to suggest ways that each of us can contribute to fixing our many and various problems. Yes – we can fix things – but only if we make the effort.

 Not meaning to sound as though I had just picked up Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book” – each of us has to do his or her part to pull us out of this morass. It’s not something we can leave to others. If you think about it, leaving it to others – specifically our political “leaders” – is precisely why we are here today.

 Let me quote a statement that Benjamin Franklin made at the signing of The Declaration of Independence. “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” That statement was profound and true in 1776 and is just as true today. 

Just as Franklin and the other founding fathers had a different vision than that which was generally shared by their fellow colonists – which is to say, they thought “outside the box”, this blog is going to challenge you to do the same. I realize that for most of us “change” is always a little threatening. I know it is for me and it probably is for you. But I would remind you that, “If you keep doing what you did, you’ll keep getting what you got.” If you’re happy with “what you got” then this blog is probably not for you. But if you think that things can be better both for you, your children and America, then I invite you to check back soon to see how we may make that happen.

 Until then,

 Juwanna Doright








Comments on: "My name is Juwanna Doright and this is my blog." (2)

  1. Hi Juwanna Do Right. We met at the park and we talked about the President’s Police force. They are actually classified as the Federal Reserve Police Force. It is very interesting to see just how much power they have. Here is a small description from Wikipedia.

    “Each Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Office in the 12 regional districts are independent law enforcement units though governed loosely out of Washington. Many of the law enforcement units have dual City or State Police authority, in addition to their Federal authority. This separate authority allows for the enforcement of state and/or city laws on or off property.” Also, one should know their firepower. “Officers are certified to carry semi-automatic pistols, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, shotguns, less-lethal weapons, pepper spray, batons and other standard police equipment, including bullet resistant vests/body armor. Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officers have the same police authority as other Federal Law Enforcement Officers.”

    Does this force echo anything you might think of from our world’s recent history? Why does the Federal Reserve need a police force? Perhaps it is a name created for a temporary function? Could it be mobilized into something unthinkable? You can dress up a pig but it’s still a pig.

    • I understand your underlying perspective about the Federal Reserve Bank and while I agree that it is a “con job” my view, as you know, about the underlying reasons for that differ.

      As to the Fed’s police staff having weapons, I don’t have a problem with that, any more than I have with any bank’s security guards or Brinks drivers being armed with hand weapons. We know from John Dillinger that he robbed banks because “that is where the money is.” It seems reasonable to arm people who are hired to protect those assets appropriately.

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